lördag 5 november 2016

Poem, As long will I love you

I got engaged to my beautiful love Clare a few months ago. Here is a poem written by me a few weeks ago dedicated to her:
As long as the stars shines in the heaven
As long will I love you
As long as the ocean kisses the shore
As long will I love you
As long as the sun shines her love on everyone
As long will I love you
Forever we belong to each other
Embraced in our deep warm, loving, holding, protecting embrace
I will love you as long as Mother earth nurtures all her children
All life connected to her
I will nurture you and our children forever together with you as the best
Gentle kind parents.
I will love you as long as the water flows
I will love you as long as my breath is rising and falling
And into eternity
I will love you as long as the meadow nurtures all her beautiful flowers
Caring for them with her gentle tender loving hands
I will love you as long as the air gives oxygen to all life
I will love you from the very first tender words you wrote me until our very last breath and into the eternal bliss and love heavens
I will love you from the first time your caring, loving words touched me and warmed my heart
From the very start, and until forever, our hearts will never be apart
I will love you as long as your shining diamond eyes
Are shining out your beautiful love
In this moment and every moment to come
And even if your sight fades away
Our love grows deeper and deeper for each moment and day
I will love you as long as Forever is
And into Eternal Bliss
I will love you as long as our hearts beat
Beaming love into eternity
I will love you as a never-ending love poem
Going on forever and ever even when
Our breath fades away

fredag 3 juni 2016

Poem, Deep love in nature

The stars behold in awe and in wonders
As we meet
And make love
Under the still blue sky
That they so generously light up

The ocean is beholding us
In depth and deep blue stillness
As we make love on the beach
With our spirit, soul, body, our whole being
Hearts deeply connected and intertwined

She breaths calmly
She kisses the shore gently and slowly
Like soft, tender, exquisite music
She kisses the shore
She kisses her beloved
As I kiss my beloved
She makes love with every movement
As I and my beloved love make love with every movement

I hear the wind gently caressing the serene green meadows
I hear how they make love with every breath
I feel their love song and sense their deep soul song
My heart rejoices with their heart and soul
I sense their shared magic, mystery and the deepest depth of their kinship and bonding

As they share their deep love and profound connection
I rejoice over their happiness and richness
And I rejoice with my beloved love over our profound connection and richness

We share love
We make love
We deepen in our love
We rejoice in immense gratitude of sharing and deepening
In our divine tender love
In our burning calm love fire

We rejoice in our deep profound love
Nature is rejoicing with us
The wind, the grass, the sand, and the trees

It is all so very sacred to me
So sacred to my Heart
So sacred to my dearest friend
My Heart, my Beloved Heart
So sacred to the very core
Sacred Love
Love so sacred
We hear the owl singing her love song
She is singing for God
She is singing for her lover
She is singing, rejoicing with our Love
She is singing to share her love and beauty to every being

She is singing:
We share a higher love
Divine love
Selfless love
A lasting love
A timeless love
An authentic love
Together we dive in the deep waters of love

Embraced fully in the Ocean of the Beloved

/Anders Branderud, 2016

Poem, Pure Love

Our Love holds universes
Our Love is the core of life
She is timeless
She is visionary
She envisions peace, love, magic and mystery
She is a gentle all-embracing mother
She is a gentle hugger
She is a tender hug

She is the lover
She is the beloved

She is pure love

/Anders Branderud, 2016

måndag 23 maj 2016

Love poem - True loves kiss

Feelings of light
So beautiful and bright
Magical mysterious sight
True love at first sight
Magical colours in glistering light
Joy and happiness
Summer love
Shines so bright
Resting hand in hand with my beloved
Perfect pure love
Love so bright and shining
Illuminates the light blue sky
Trust is flowering in hearts’ beauty
Hand in hand we walk in the bright beautiful light
Love is awakening in our hearts
Sweet home
Your Heart is my sacred Home
My love nest
Here I truly belong
Our tender love flower is flowering
Gracefully and tenderly
You are my true loves kiss
My purest sunset devotion
Together with you in sacredness
In pure tender deep bliss
With deepest heartfelt care
In your arms my Loving Clare
Pouring my love
From the depths of my Heart
In devotion to you my beautiful love jewel
My deepest devotional love
With pure heartfelt devotion
Pure love in your heart full of sweetness
Listening to your tender heartbeat
Moving gently in true love
And deepest heartfelt care
With deepest devotion
And purest of love light
I stand lovingly by your side
My beautiful loving tender light
Love is tenderly knocking on our door
Patiently waiting to transform our fears into pure love
Love thaws the fears in our heart
Melting the ice into gushing streams of loving kindness

/Anders Branderud, 2016

My beautiful swan princess of the lake

You are my beloved swan
My beautiful swan princess of the lake
Gently you kiss the tender water streams
Swimming and immersing in nature's beautiful harmony
Being embraced in her tranquility and serenity
You send your love as you glide through the still waters

You are my chosen swan princess
I rest in your presence and deeply loving care and warmth
Resting and being held in your deeply caring, loving, compassionate, warm arms
Two swans guided together as one
in divine sacred union
Our wings formed into a love boat
As we kiss the waters we make heart waves
Blessing the waters
Blessing the ground kissed by the waters
Our Love sends blessings to everyone
Our Heart's love embraces everyone

Dedicated to my beautiful love Clare 

Anders Branderud, 2016

söndag 8 maj 2016

Beautiful flower growing in the meadow

Dedicated to my soul beloved Clare – a poem of her beauty. And it is also a poem for everyone – of the beauty that is within all of us – beauty that can unfold naturally as a blossoming flower when we recognize, nurture and celebrate it.

You are a beautiful flower growing in the meadow
Surrounded by beautiful flowers
Your soul sisters and brothers
You shine your light bright
Discovering your dazzling beauty from within
You are Home
Adoring all the flowers in the garden
Nurturing and caring for them in deep devotional love

Feel your loving beauty
Your loving heart abode
May you stand and receive the always shining Love
and warmth from the Sun
Divine blessings from the Sun – God Goddess
And be a pure reflection that fully receives the loving blessings
Gently embracing and receiving all kindness and nourishment
and reflects the divine sunlight to all living beings

/Anders Branderud, 8/5-2016

söndag 3 april 2016

Love meditation, May our path be filled with loving light and blessings

May our path be filled with loving light and blessings
May we always be in deep love
Heart warm tender delicious love
May we surround our hearts and warm our hearts all the time
May we be filled with love
Be love
Love ourselves
In every moment
Even when other people don’t love us
Or when they don’t show their appreciation to us
Or when they are angry, or hurt, or sad, or any other emotions
May we just shine with our love, love and love
And feel the love inside

May we be so immersed in this love and this beauty that it really shines through us
Self-love – so strong and beautiful that she just radiates
Through all circumstances
In every moment, in every breath, in every hearbeat, in every circumstance
Shining radiating heart that beams this beautiful warmth
Shining warm fire that just shines and warms up our whole being
And radiates out through our eyes
Shining and warming up every one we are encountering
Filling them with love and light
And spreading the warm, divine, tender, beautiful fire

May our love be all deep
All embracing, the depths of our whole hearts
All these crevices that has been neglected
May the grace of Love shine through all these dark crevices
And fill them with dazzling shining love night
May she fill, embrace and expand in these dark, neglected crevices
Fill them with sweet love, sweet magnificent self-love
May we just bath and soak in
God Godddess sees every act of kindness
Celebrates every act of kindness even if the receiver doesn’t show appreciation
Many people are not so good at showing appreciation.

I love you kind
[Part 1 of 2]

Anders Branderud, 2016